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2018 Restaurant Marketing Fantasy Team

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Let’s have a little fun today.

Big, old, brand names in restaurants are like a large ship needing to turn in the ocean – they do it slowly – often in a manner that is pretty much behind the curve if not the wave of reality. And, I believe I’ve done this once before in a post called `if it were my money’ – which is buried somewhere in this blog. (If I didn’t zap it.) And, this post isn’t so much that as just a `what IF’ post – what IF major brands in restaurants occasionally stalked out new ideas in major `positioning’ type of manner.

Just Imagine:

Burger King – Decides to not be a McDonald’s clone and goes directly after men big time. The King returns to introduce the new `evening’ BK – with real BBQ Ribs and all the fixins – dayparted to after 5PM and with a discount to in-store patrons. TVs only on after 5PM in all restaurants to sport channels. All promotions to movies dropped for ties with male approved sport figures. Kiddie playgrounds removed. In-store I-Pad `free rental’ for all after 5PM. Quail and other exotic fare offered on occasion as limited time specials after 5PM. One In-Store customer service dining room person after 5 to handle I-Pads, clean up, help with table delivery if provided instead of number system calling customer, etc. VALUE menu items not available after 5 PM. Beer is. Tipping is forbidden says the King.

Arby’s – Now called Arby’s Roast Beef And Deli, has decided to directly support its existing `quality sandwich image’, by directly positioning a redesigned interior IDENTICAL to Subway’s `make it in front of your eyes’ – offering up not only sub rolls filled with all the likely suspects (nearly identical offering of extras as Subway), but also with their `regular homestyle’ Market Fresh sandwiches too – attempting to grab back the FRESH attribute that rightly is theirs too. The Deli meats offered easily are seen to be as good or better than the offerings at Subway. The deli fare is also offered for drive thru customers. Indeed, inside,  one now uses the `separate warmer fare’ line to order the fried foods such as Chicken sandwiches, french fries and warm sandwiches such as the `beef and swiss and onions’ type of fare. Arby’s, like Burger King, also has also modified the value menu in the evening, no longer offering the sandwich choices. 

McDonald’s – The chain that began the idea that a brand could evolve was not to be outdone by rivals moves to improve. Most notable in the late 10’s was the shift to almost the old `welcome to Shoney’s’ feeling with the greeter. ONLY `to-go’ (called in)  orders go to the counter anymore, others go to a `restaurant feel’ seating area with comfortable booths etc. Corner TVs are on to a news channel during the day and sports in the evening. Customers order from the table electronically and pick up their custom made food when alerted. Breakfast items are now available anytime as is the entire menu to in-store, eat in customers.

Taco Bell – As McDonald’s exited the desire to be the ultimate low priced leader, and the other chains decided to daypart the idea of discount sandwiches, – Taco Bell decided to `end the value discussion’ forever and staked out clearly the LOWEST price points for fast food in ALL DAYPARTS. Now aggressively going after breakfast after Subway and Arby’s and Wendy’s dropped out of action in the daypart.

Wendy’s – With the new slogan `What Fast Food Should Be’ – Wendy’s is now highlighting the return of `fast food’s only’ – instore LUNCH SALAD BAR – (one serve only, price by the weighed ounce) becoming a favorite of women and those NOT wanting to go the bread route for lunch. And, the Wendy’s of 2018 sets the industry standard for the Value menu proudly served all day. BUT, the REVOLUTION came in 2017 – when Wendy’s after 5 began to mean PIZZA DELIVERY AND PICK UP. Value Priced Pizza ready to drive the pizza chains nuts.

Subway – Subway has become AMERICAS FRESH RESTAURANT with all outlets going to `19 hour’ operations and 90% retrofitted with drive-thrus and upgraded instore seating. The 3.99 Daily Value Deal has become America’s `favorite choice’ with sale numbers to prove it. Breakfast begins to emerge as an important daypart and becomes a competitive threat. Subway `mocks’ `other restaurants’ for copying their methodology of making the sandwich in front of the customer. Subway makes major push for `tomorrow’s lunch’ pricing on 6 inch subs, ONLY thru the drive-thru – AFTER 5 PM dayparting.

See, I said it would be fun.